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/Dr Charles Musarurwa
Dr Charles Musarurwa
Dr Charles Musarurwa

Position: Lecturer in Geography Education

Department: Applied Education
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  • PhD Geography Education (UB)
  • MSc Ed. Geography (UZ), 
  • MPhil. Curriculum Planning & Development (NMMU), 
  • BA Hons Geography (UNISA), 
  • B Ed Geography (UZ), 

Research Interests:

  • Geography and Environmental Education,
  • GIS and ICTs in Education,
  • Disaster Risk Reduction,
  • Inclusive Education,
  • Climate Change Adaptation in Marginal Environments
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Education for Sustainable development

Publications: Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Lunga, W., Tirivanhu, P., Sobane, K. & Musarurwa, C. (2021) Are our COVID-19 response and recovery efforts in sync with the principles of disaster risk reduction?. HSRC Review. 19(3):32-34.

  • Lunga, W., Bongo, P.P., Van Niekerk, D. & Musarurwa, C., (2019), ‘Disability and disaster risk reduction as an incongruent matrix: Lessons from rural Zimbabwe, Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies 11(1), a648. Jamba.v11i1.648
  • Mangope, B., Kuyini, A., Musaruwa, C., Major, E., Koyabe, & Ramoroka, B. (2018) From Mainstreaming to Inclusion – have shifts in paradigms improved the practice of special education in Botswana. Mosenodi Journal Vol. 21 (1): 16 – 27
  • Constance, S. M. & Musarurwa, C. (2016) Integration of ICTs into the teaching and learning of Secondary School Geography; the Seychelles experience, Journal of Geography Education for Southern Africa (JoGESA) 1 (2), 57 – 7
  • Lunga, W. & Musarurwa, C. (2016). Indigenous food security revival strategies at the village level: The gender factor implications, Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies 8 (2)
  • Lunga, W. & Musarurwa, C. (2016). Exploiting indigenous knowledge commonwealth to mitigate disasters: from the archives of vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol. 15(1), January 2016, pp. 22-29
  • Macheka, S., Lunga, W. & Musarurwa, C. (2015). Illegal migration by Zimbabweans into South Africa: is lack of documentation becoming a new humanitarian challenge Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies 6 (3) 
  • Musarurwa, C., Moumakwa, T.V.,  Jankie, D.,  Ketshabe, T.S. & Ramooki, I. (2015) Community Engagement in Education and Educating the Community to Engage: Taking Research to the Grassroots in Botswana. Educational Research International Vol. 4(5)
  • Lunga, W. & Musarurwa, C (2015) From Reaction to Pro-action in Zimbabwe: The Bulalima–Mangwe Districts Drought Coping and Reduction Experience. Academic Research International Vol. 6(4
  • Ndiweni, N. J. & Musarurwa, C. (2014). Natural Hazards as Disasters: Mitigation and Challenges in Southern Zimbabwe. Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies 5 (1), 14 – 25
  • Ziweya, M. & Musarurwa, C. (2014) Training needs assessment and utilization of ICTs in Secondary Teacher Education Colleges in Zimbabwe Asian Journal of Management Sciences and Education 3 (2), 80 – 88
  • Damba, G., Lunga, W. & Musarurwa, C. (2013) Awareness campaigns as survival tools in the fight against gender-based violence in peri-urban communities of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe; Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies 5 (2), 83 – 87 doi:10.4102/Jamba.v5i2.83
  • Musarurwa, C., (2012) student teachers’ perceptions on their readiness to teach environmental issues through the geography curriculum in Botswana’s secondary schools. Asian Journal of Management Sciences and Education 2 (1), 89 – 96
  • Musarurwa, C. (2012) Climate change education in the era of sustainable development: what can universities do? Asian journal of social sciences & humanities 1(2),46-52
  • Musarurwa, C. & Lunga, W., (2012), Climate change mitigation and adaptation: Threats and challenges to livelihoods in Zimbabwe. Asian Journal of Social Sciences & Humanifies 1 (2), 25-32
  • Chimhenga, S. & Musarurwa, C. (2012) Provision of Open Distance Learning to students with Hearing Impairment in Institutions of Higher Learning: The case of the Zimbabwe Open University. International Journal of Social Sciences Education, 2 (1), 301 – 309
  • Chimhenga, S. & Musarurwa, C. (2011) Educating children with special needs in the African context: Do teachers and parents subscribe to a common paradigm? Academic Research International 1 (3), 99 – 106
  • Musarurwa, C. & Chimhenga, S. (2011) Credibility of school examinations in Zimbabwe: A reflective analysis. Academic Research International 1 (1), 173-179.
  • Musarurwa, C. (2011) Teaching with and learning through ICTs in Zimbabwe’s Teacher education Colleges. Journal of US-China Education Review1 (7), 952 – 959
  • Musarurwa, C. & Mandaza, L. (1994). Plate tectonics: A new unifying and general theory in geomorphology? Geographical Educational Magazine, 17 (2): 32 – 45
  • Musarurwa, C. & Mandaza, L. (1993). Theories of Inselberg formation: can their differences be explained by equifinality? Geographical Educational Magazine, 16 (2): 8 – 17
  • Musarurwa, C. (1993).The Demographic Transition Model: Is it applicable to third world countries? Geographical Educational Magazine,16(1): 17 –23

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