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/Dr Erick Nyoni
Dr Erick Nyoni

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Applied Education
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  • Doctor of Education  (UNISA
  • Masters in Education. (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Bachelor of Education. (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Certificate in Education, (University of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests:

  • Second language learning
  • Language and learning
  • Teaching of literature
  • Language teaching methods
  • Language Across the Curriculum


Nhemachena, N & Nyoni, E. (2021) Optimising multimodality in the teaching of Literature in English at Advanced Level in Zimbabwean schools Journal of African Education 2(2)157-180

Nyoni, E. (2021)A Geography teacher’s Responsiveness to the Cogninitive Academic Language proficienct (CALP) Needs of Zimbabwean English  Second Language (ESL) Learners in Syllabus Interpretation and instructional Design. Journal of African Education 2(1),149-177

Matiure, R.& Nyoni,E. (2020) Creating autonomous learners in the teaching of English as a second language (ESL) in Zimbabean secondary Schools: a reality or myth? Journal of African Languages and literary Studies, 1(3), 103-132

Nyoni, E., Manyike, V., & Lemmer, E. (2019) Difficulties in Geography teaching and learning in ESL classroom in Zimbabwe. Per Linguam: a Journal of Language Learning=Per Linguam: Tydsrif vir taalaaanleer, 35(2), 74-87.

Nyonie, E. (2018) Instructional interventions used to to develop cognitive academic langage proficiency in the teaching  of a content area subject to English second language learners. Rethinking teaching and learning in thev21st Century, 6

Marimo, ST, Mashingaidze, SS & Nyoni, E. (2013) Faculty of Educaton Lecturers’ and Students’ Perceptions  on the utilisation of E-learning  at Midlands State Universirty in Zimbabwe 

Nyoni, E. (2012) Semantically enhanced composition writing with learners of English as a Second language (ESL)  International journal of hunaties and social science 2(18): 264-274

Nyoni, E & Naidoo, S (2012) Witrhin and Without the Workings of Language in Literary Explication: Re-reading William Blake’s ‘London’ International Journal of Asian Social Science 2(4), 388-393 

Nyoni, E. & Moyana , R. (2012) Pedagogical soundness of Using Found Poetry  to Help Students Interact with and Manipulate Literary Texts: An Intergrated approach Zimbabwe Resources Research Centre Occassional Papers 

Nyoni, E .& Naidoo, S. (2011) Pursuing the humanity of the subalterns on the farm in Zimbabwean Literature Imbizo: International Journal of African  Literary and Comparative Studies 

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