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/Mr Gwese R. Nemapare
Mr Gwese R. Nemapare
Mr Gwese R. Nemapare




  • BA Hons French and Portuguese (UZ)
  • Professional Hunter and Tour Guide
  • BA Hons Translation Studies – French and Portuguese (UNISA) (in progress)
  • MBA (MSU)
  • DBA Candidate, proposal resubmit (deferred) (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
  • MPhil/DPhil Candidate, French Studies (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Management of the Professional Services Firm, Change
  • Management and Innovation Strategies in Faith Based Organisations
  •  International Commercial Contract Negotiation and Arbitration
  • Conceptual Metaphor and Culturally Embedded Theme Translation in Literary Texts Intercultural Business Communication


  • “Adulterous Engagement and Vengeance Across Cultures: Perceptions of Adultery in “O Adulteiro” by Paolo Coelho and “Os Predetores” by Pepetella. (Pending, submitted to Portuguese Studies Review)

Community Service:

  • University Student Welfare Committee
  • University Infrastructure Maintenance Committee
  • THM Department Community Engagement Committee

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