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/Dr Hebert Taderera Chisi
Dr Hebert Taderera Chisi

Position: Lecturer

Department: Applied Education
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  •  BA Hons(UZ)
  • Grad CE(UZ)
  • MA(UZ)
  • PhD (Rhodes)

Research Interests:   

  • National interests,
  • Food Security, Land and Agrarian Reform in Zimbabwe,
  • Chinese Imperialism / African Policy,
  • Cultural issues and History of minority groups especially the Hlengwe of the South Eastern Lowveld,
  • International sanctions


  • Taderera Hebert Chisi All-Weather Friends? Sino-Zimbabwe Relations, 2000-2008. in V. Z. Nyawo-Shava (ed) Themes in Contemporary History of Zimbabwe: Emerging Perspectives In Afrikology, Mambo Press, Gweru (2013) [Book Chapter]2013,
  • Taderera Hebert Chisi, Colonial Economic Disempowerment and the Response of the Hlengwe of the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe: 1890-1965. (Afrika – Zamani No. 20, 2012, pp 165-194. ISSN 0850-3079 2011,
  • Taderera Hebert Chisi, An Analysis of African Relations with White Hunters in Pre-Colonial Central and Western Zimbabwe, 1850s-1890, Journal of History and Development, Vol 2 Number 2 June, 2011. 26-49 2009,
  • Percyslage Chigora and Taderera Hebert Chisi: The eight years of Interaction: Lessons from Zimbabwe’s Look East Policy and the Future of African Countries. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Spring 2009. Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, Pennsylvania Vol 10. No.4. 501-513 2013,
  • Taderera Hebert Chisi: Hlengwe-Karanga Conflict in Matibi 2 of Chiredzi District, 1950-2010. History project: Funded by Organ on National Healing: Reconciliation and Integration. 2010,
  • Taderera Hebert Chisi, A Critical Analysis of The Impact of Africanisation of Plantation Agriculture on Sugar Production in the South Eastern Lowveld: A Case of Hippo Valley and Mkwasine Estates, 2000 -2008.


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