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Position: Lecturer

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  • DPhil in Human Resource Management-Chinhoyi University of Technology (2023).
  • Thesis Title: “Developing a predictive model for human capital analytics adoption in Zimbabwean State Universities”
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education-Midlands State University (2022)
  • MSc Human Resource Management-Great Zimbabwe University
  • BCom (Hons)Human Resource Management-Zimbabwe Open University
  • H.N.D Human Resource Management-Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe(IPMZ)
  • Cert Employment Law-Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe(IPMZ).

Research Interest

  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Labour Law
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Performance Management


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  6. Mukuze, K., Ndhlovu, P., Chirasha, V., Samanga, N., Darangwa, I.&  Kurehwa, C.M.(2023).The impact of marital status on work-life balance considering covid-19 pandemic at Midlands State University. Global Journal of Economics and Business,Volume 13, Issue 5, pp.437-448.


  1. Mukuze, K.,Ndhlovu,P., Shayanewako,S. & Darangwa,I.(2022, November 28). An integrative review of challenges faced by children with disability and supernaturalism in the society [Paper presentation]. Midlands State University, Research Council of Zimbabwe and UNICEF 2022 (Re) imagining a better world post COVID-19 for children with Disabilities Conference, Gweru, Zimbabwe. 
  2. Mukuze, K.(2022, November 14-17).The dark-side of HR Analytics:A Systematic Integrative Review [Paper presentation]. University of Fort Hare, Research Week of Excellence-Advancing Innovative Research in the decade of renewal conference 2022, South Africa.
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  4. Mukuze,K.,Chavunduka,D.,& Manuere, F. (2023, February 12-17). Developing a predictive model for human capital analytics adoption in Zimbabwean state universities[Paper presentation]. Chinhoyi University of Technology Entrepreneurship, Industrialization and Business Development International Conference 2023, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe.

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