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/Mr Langtone Maunganidze
Mr Langtone Maunganidze

Position: Senior Lecturer

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  • Cert. in Education(UZ)
  • BSc Hon Sociology (UZ)
  • MSc Sociology & Social Anthropology (UZ)
  • D.Phil. (Sociology) (UZ)

Research Interest

  • Corporate citizenship
  • Decent Work
  • Industrial Democracy
  • Society and Space
  • Succession Planning
  • Sociology of Organizations
  • Social Media
  • Development Practice

Recent/Latest Publications

Author IDs:    ORCID: 0000-0002-9649-2542;       SCOPUS ID:   56126174600


  1. Maphosa, F., & Maunganidze, L (Eds)(2021). Corporate citizenship. Palgrave, Macmillan.

Book Chapters

  1. Maunganidze, L. (2022).  Exhuming lived experiential past in rural development research and practice. In: T. Madzivhandila, S. Hachingota, J. Francis…. (eds.), Development Practice in Eastern and Southern Africa: Lessons from the trenches (pp: 99-107). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland AG. 
  2. _. (2021). Corporate citizenship and workplace democracy in Botswana: Rhetoric or reality? In: F. Maphosa & L. Maunganidze (eds.), Corporate citizenship: Business and society in Botswana (pp. 77-116). Cham: Springer/Palgrave Macmillan,
  3. _. (2018). Interweaving cyber-sociality with religiosity in Zimbabwe. In G. Faimau & W. O. Lesitaokana (eds.), New media and the mediatisation of religion: An African Perspective (pp. 31-48). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars.

Journal Articles 

  1. _. ( 2023). Sponsored or autogestive materialization of space: Urban informality in Harare, Zimbabwe. Modern Africa: Politics, History and Society, 11(1): 45-72.   
  1. _(2023). Misconceptions of the theory of evolution predict opposition to the theory and science in general among a sample of Zimbabwean university students. Heliyon9(4), 1-13. 
  2. _. (2022). Corporate social investment practices as ‘soft technology’:  A case of selected Botswana firms. Journal of Cleaner Production, 368:1-26.;
  3. _. (2022). Investigating the sexist implications of bride price (lobola) in Zimbabwe. Society, 59(6):1-12 
  4. -. (2021). Succession planning and the sustainability of the land reform programme in Zimbabwe. Journal of Asian and African Studies57(7): 1414–1429 
  5. _. (2020). `Excavating blind spots in qualitative research: Reflecting on a lecturer’s experiential past. Mosenodi: International Journal of Educational Studies, 23 (2): 41-62. Botswana Educational Research Association. › index.php › mosenodi. 


Papers  presented

  1. (2023). ‘Coping with gatekeeping in digitalized political participation research’. 3rd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (SMUS Conference), & 3rd RC33 Regional Conference Asia: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India, 20‒26 February, 2023 
  2. _. (2021). ‘Sponsored or agential ‘autogestants’? A critical discourse analysis of urban informal settlements in Zimbabwe’. Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (GCSMUS) (, University of Botswana, 24 September, 2021 

Conference Sessions and workshops organized and chaired 

  1. 2023- Conference Session Organizer [with Gabriel Faimau & Dawn Lyken-Segosebe] Session #23 Session name: “Digitalization, political participation and transformation in the global South.” At the 3rd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (SMUS Conference), & 3rd RC33 Regional Conference Asia: India, Onsite conference hosted by Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (India), 20‒26. February, 2023,
  2. 2022- Conference Session Organiser-[with Jamie-Scott Baxter & Laura Kemmer] Session #06 Session name: “From living labs to sites of unity: Decolonizing urban experiments with planetary futures” 2nd RC33 Regional Conference Latin America, Brazil at the SMUS Conference at the University of Sao Paulo,  Brazil, 8-9 September, 2022.
  3. 2021-Facilitator ‘Coping with iconic architecture in an African context: Challenges and opportunities for indigenous research methodologies’. Paper presented onsite as a Brown-Bag Lecture at the Institute for Sociology (IfS), Technische University (TU), Berlin, Germany, 1 December, 2021.
  4. 2021-Using the narrative research approach. Virtual seminar for the University of Botswana, Department of Sociology Graduate Students, delivered onsite on the 11 November, 2021 @ 1200 hrs from Technische University, IfS Seminar Room, Berlin, Germany.


2O22- Current: 

  • Project theme: ‘Society and space in Zimbabwe’.  
  • Proposed book title: Representation and materialization of architecture and space in Zimbabwe. Publisher: Springer 


  1. University of Botswana, -Faculty of Social Sciences-2023-current     
  2. University  of  Cape  Town –Faculty of Commerce-2021-current
  3. University of KwaZulu Natal-College of Law and Management Studies -2022-current 
  4. University of Venda –Institute of Rural Development- 2019-current
  5. Technische Universitat (TU)-Berlin, Germany-PhD Social Sciences Scholarship Assessor- Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability (GCSMUS)-2022 
  6. Midlands State University, Faculty of Business Sciences-DBL-2023-Current.

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