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/Mr Munyaradzi Gwazane
Mr Munyaradzi Gwazane

Position: Lecturer

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  • Masters of Science in Biostatistics. University of Zimbabwe
  • Special Honours in Statistics. University of Zimbabwe
  • Graduate Certificate in Education. University of Zimbabwe
  • Bachelor Science General Degree. University of Zimbabwe


Research Interest:

  • Climate change and Crop production
  • HIV related issues
  • TB and others public Health related issues.


  • Chandiposha Misheck, Mudani Simbarashe1, Gwazane Munyaradzi and Kudzipanga N. Ngonidzashe. The Effects of Trellising Methods on Determinate Tomato Varieties’ Yield in Zimbabwe.(2014). International Journal of Plant & Soil Science 4(4): 411-416
  • Ottilia Mabvongwe, Brenda T Manenji , Munyaradzi Gwazane and Misheck Chandiposha. The effect of paclobutrazol application time and variety on yield, and quality of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)
  • Chandiposha Misheck, Ngonidzashe Kunedzimwe, Gwazane Munyaradzi and Daniel Chiriman’ombe.(2014). 1) ndiposha Misheck (2013) fference for all the in controllingComparisons of sugar blend 1 plus fertilizer over straight fertilizer as basal application on growth and yield of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L). International Journal of Agronomy and Agriculture Research 4(4), 89-93.
  • Hove K. and Gwazane M. A study to determine risk factors associated with domestic violence among concordant and discordant couples in Zimbabwe using ZDHS data 2005-2006. www.ijhssnet.com/journals/Vol._1_No._7_[Special_Issue…/20.pdf
  • C. Nyamamombe, S. Rusakaniko, M. Gwazane. The association between violence against women and HIV: Evidence from a national population-based survey in Zimbabwe. www.ips.org/mdg3/GBV_Africa_LOWRES.pdf
  • A demographic portrait of urban open field cultivators in Gweru, Zimbabwe. www.theglobaljournals.com/ijsr/articles.php?val=MzQ2OA==&b1=605&k=152
  • Agricultural   Extension   Worker Training Needs Survey. The case of irrigation schemes in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. www.researchjournali.com/pdf/817.pdf
  • Perspectives on the effectiveness of NGO initiatives in Urban Agriculture in Zimbabwe. www.theglobaljournals.com/ijsr/articles.php?val=MjY3Mg==&b1=693&k=1

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