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/Mr Norest Tendai Samanga
Mr Norest Tendai Samanga

Position: Lecturer

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  • BSc in HRM (MSU),
  • MSc in HRM (MSU),
  • Diploma in Payroll Administration (Stallone Consultancy),
  • PDTE (MSU),
  • IPMZ (pending)

Research Interest

  • Intellectually curious,
  • Analytically oriented and dedicated to understanding and exploring various economic phenomena (both macro and micro)
  • and the relationship between HR and IT (HRIS)
  • Possess a deep passion for studying the production, distribution and consumption of goods
  • and services within a society, and often engage in rigorous empirical analysis
  • and theoretical frameworks to uncover sights about economic behavior and outcomes.


  1. “HR analytics for Zimbabwean state universities, why are we not there yet”? (2023), (authors:  Norest Tendai Samanga and Mukuze Kebiat) 
  2. “The impact of marital status on work-life balance considering covid-19 pandemic at Midlands State University” (2023). (authors: Norest Tendai Samanga, Kebiat Mukuze, Pilot Ndhlovu, Vonai Chirasha, Isheunesu Darangwa and Caith M. Kurehwa)
  3. “To explore the effectiveness of artificial intelligence (e-HRIS) on HR practices in the digital age at Zimpapers” (work in progress, 2024). (author: Norest. T Samanga).

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