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/Dr Mildred Mahapa
Dr Mildred Mahapa

Position: Lecturer

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  • DPhil in Human Resource Management
  • MSc Human Resource Management
  • BSc Honours Degree in Human Resource Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management (IPMZ)

Research Interest

  • Performance management, 
  • Human Resource Information systems, 
  • Knowledge Management and Public Sector HRM


  1. Mahapa M. & Chirasha V.(2012). Emotional Intelligence and Effective leadership.A case study of a minning company in Zimbabwe.DYKE a Journal of the Midlands State University. Vol 6, No 2 pp 100-113
  2. Mahapa M. & Chirasha V.(2012). An assessment on the uptake level of a fully Integrated Human Resource Information System (HRIS).A Case of the Midlands State university.Public Administration Research.Vol 1, No 1 pp 121-127.
  3. Chirasha V.& Mahapa M. (2012). An analysis of the causes and impact of deviant behavior in the workplace.The case of secretaries in State Univerities. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economies and Management Sciences. Vol 3, No 5 pp 415-421
  4. Mahapa M. (2013). Impact of Knowledge Management strategies on organizational performance  in the Hospitality industry. Public Administration Research. Vol 2, No 1 pp 76-83
  5. Bhebe Q & Mahapa M. (2014), The Decline in Trade Union Density 21st Century in Zimbabwe. A case of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU),Journal of Human Resource Management and Labour studies. Vol 2, No 1 pp 67-82.
  6. Mahapa M., Dzimbiri L, & Maphosa F. (2015). Performance  Management in Public Sector Organisations: Benefits and Complexities. Online Journal of Social Sciences Research.Vol 4, Issue 2 pp 18-22
  7. Mahapa M., Dzimbiri L, & Maphosa F. (2015). Performance Management hurdles in a public health sector organization in Zimbabwe. European Scientific Journal. Vol 11,No 32 pp 244-263.

Articles published in non- refereed journals

  1. Mahapa M, (2012). Enhancing Employer of Choice Status through human resource management practices: Lessons for the public service in Zimbabwe.Vol X no 2 Quiet Mountain Essays


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