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/Mrs Patience Marume
Mrs Patience Marume

Position: Lecturer   

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  • BSc (Hons)
  • Food Science and Nutrition (MSU)
  • MSc Food Science and Nutrition (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Food Handling Practices of Food Services Establishments.


  • Manhokwe S., Zvidzai C., Mareesa W and Marume P.Wastewater Treatment Strategies Of Selected Zimbabwean Food Industries,  International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Accepted 10 Feb 2016
  • Manhokwe S., Mugadza D.T., Marume P. and   Nyoka R, Public Perceptions On Genetically Modified Foods: A Case Of Gweru, Zimbabwe,  In Press
  • Matiashe I, Mahara P and Marume P, (2013), Development of  Lemon and Lime nectar at Mazoe Citrus Estate, Zimbabwe, Journal of International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)

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