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/Dr. Elda Hungwe
Dr. Elda Hungwe

Position: Lecturer

Department: Applied Education
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Qualifications :  

  • M.A in African and Diasporan Literature in English, Midlands State   University.  (2008)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, Midlands State University. (2014)
  • B.A (Hons) English and Communication, Midlands State University. (2004)
  • PhD (UKZA, SA)

Research Interests:

  • African Literature,
  • Gender,
  • Feminism and Afrocentricity


1.   Interrogating notions of nationhood, nation and globalization in post colonial Africa: A   textual analysis of four African novels (Accepted for publication) 4520F Electronic Journal of theory of literature and comparative literature. Published January  2010.

2. Nationhood and Women in Post colonial African Literature.(Accepted for publication) Comparative literature and culture. Vol 12 Issue No3, September 2010, pages 1 – 6.  

3. The importance of Language and literary art in reading suppressed voices and voices in transition in selected Zimbabwean fiction. Journal of Language and Literature. Vol 4 No. 1,41-43  May 2013

4. Nationalist Defence: Just Whose Agenda Is It? A Look at the Placement of Women in  Zimbabwe’s Liberation war novels. International Journal of Asian Social Science, June  2013, 3(6):1306-1313

5.Toxic masculinities  in Virginia Phiri’s  Desperate (2002) and Highway Queen’ (2010) Published in Madirativhange- Journal of of African Indigenous Languages and Literature (Vol 1(2) pp46-58

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