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/Ms Ruth Mubanga
Ms Ruth Mubanga

Position: Lecturer

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  • MSc in Human Resource Management (MSU)
  • Bachelor of Mgt in Human Resources (ZOU)
  • Diploma in Industrial Relations (UZ)

Research Interests

  • Work-life balance
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee welfare
  • Stress


  • Managing people issues in mergers: a case study of AAZ Zim (PCT) Ltd and CZY, International Journal of Management Sciences
  • The adequacy of National Social Security Scheme’s retirement and survivors benefits: a case study of a State University in Zimbabwe, Public Administration Research Journal
  • Factors that drive engagement of employees: A case study of ABC Zimbabwe, ISDS Journal
  • The Local Authorities Pension Fund and its impact on the quality of life of beneficiaries, ISDS Journal
  • Institutional response to challenges faced by workers in balancing work and family responsibilities in a Zimbabwean university, Public Administration Research Journal

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