On Saturday the 8th of April, 2017, the Zimbabwe Medical Students Association-Midlands State University (ZIMSA-MSU), which is comprised of students from the Faculty of Medicine, hosted a training workshop that was facilitated by the Danish Council (Denmark) and ZIMSA-UZ representatives as part of the IMUNZI project.

IMUNZI is an international partnership dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe through interaction with local youths. The 3 founding members of IMUNZI are the International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC), United Children of Africa (UNICA) and ZIMSA.

‘The central idea behind the IMUNZI project is to have medical students from ZIMSA train local youth ambassadors from UNICA, in teaching HIV/AIDS and other sexual reproductive health issues. The youth ambassadors will, in turn, go out into local communities and engage with local youths’.

The training gave participants in-depth knowledge concerning IMUNZI and its projects, as well as insight into how the projects are conducted and funded.

Speaking after the training, participants expressed their gratitude to the IMUNZI team for giving them an opportunity to explore their ideas concerning various projects that they can carry out as ZIMSA-MSU in their efforts to reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence in Zimbabwe.

The training workshop, which was held in the University’s Committee Room was attended by 13 ZIMSA-MSU members, ZIMSA-MSU Vice Patron from the Faculty of Medicine, Mr L Gonah and MSU Student Representative Council, Minister of Food and Health, Bernard Kujinga.


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