The Legal Services Department (LSD) is a Department with the University Registry headed by the Legal Officer. The primary function of the LSD is to provide legal services to the Midlands State University (‘University’). In that capacity, the LSD has created this home page to allow members of the University community to become more familiar with our department, its functions and operations, and to inform members of the University community of legal matters of importance to them in their role as staff or students of the University.


The LSD provides legal counsel to the University Council, the Vice Chancellor and the University at large. The overarching functions of the LSD is to offer timely and responsible advice about the broad array of legal issues that affect the University.  It handles existing and potential legal matters in order to assist the University achieve its mission.

Our emphasis is on providing consistent advice and counsel that leads to the development of strategies that maximize results and avoid preventable obstacles.

The LSD helps our colleagues to identify, analyse, and measure the legal and policy risks associated with the numerous decisions they are entrusted with making.

The department is most effective in providing assistance when engaged early in the process and working as part of the team to solve problems, develop policy, and implement strategies. However, the LSD also excels in assisting with the management of crises and emergencies that raise legal and policy issues.

The LSD is committed to service, knowledge of the law, and ensuring that the University meets its strategic objectives.


Our mission is to helping the University achieve its mission by providing quality legal services in a timely, professional, and collaborative manner.


Commitment to providing excellent legal services to support the University in attaining its vision and mission.


The office consists of in-house legal practitioners and who are complemented outside law firms.

The LSD shall not represent individual students, faculty, or staff except when these individuals are named as defendants in litigation as a result of actions or omissions within the course and scope of their employment or institutional representation.


The LSD is comprised of three practice areas:

  1. General law,
  2. Commercial/business law, and
  3. Governance.
General Law

This area involves matters from all campuses involving employees and students, providing counsel and advice in the human resources and student affairs areas. Such matters include:

  1. Employment complaints
  2. Student discipline, grievances, and claims
  3. Litigation
  4. Review of staff and student policies
  5. Administrative and due process hearings
  6. Mediations and other dispute resolution matters
Commercial/Business Law

This practise area supports the commercial and business activities of all campuses, such matters include:

  1. Commercial and business transactions
  2. Procurement procedures and requirements
  3. Contract and other document review and drafting
  4. Real estate leases, sales, purchases and easements
  5. Affiliation agreements, grants, and other Academic agreements.

This practise area involves matters involving governance and executive initiatives, including the following:

  1. Support of the Vice Chancellor, and Principal Officers, Faculty Deans, Directors and Heads of Department
  2. Interpretation and revision of Rules, Policies and Regulations
  3. Issuance of legal opinions
  4. Provides legislative review, analysis, and research (as requested)
  5. Authorising and overseeing the work of outside legal counsel
  6. Compliance


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